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Semiconductor Industry News

Semiconductor market future post-covid and more in this week's semiconductor news round-up.

Moov brings you a round-up of used semiconductor equipment developments, semiconductor manufacturer announcements, semiconductor market updates, and more semiconductor industry news and views worth reading this week.

Semiconductor Industry News

Moov: A Digital Marketplace for Used Manufacturing Equipment

In Short: Semiconductor Engineering interviews Moov’s CEO, Steve Zhou, on how the secondary semiconductor market sheds light on industry trends, how Moov is transforming secondary market transactions, and more.

Read more in SemiEngineering.

Nvidia’s Arm deal causes quick backlash

In Short: Nvidia Corp. said it agreed to buy SoftBank Group Corp.’s chip division Arm Ltd. for $40b, taking control of some of the most widely used electronics technology in the semiconductor industry’s largest-ever deal. Arm Ltd. has immense reach as a supplier of designs and IP to most of the global semiconductor industry, shifting power in the battle for semiconductor dominance between the U.S. and China.

Read more in Reuters.

China’s Most Ambitious Semiconductor Project Halted

In Short: Taiwan News reports a $20b (USD) project to build two facilities in Wuhan for state-backed chip company, HSMC has stalled due to failure to attract additional investors. Analysts speculate that the venture could survive if China’s largest foundry, SMIC, gets involved. However, the future of HSMC currently remains uncertain.

Read more in Taiwan News.

Korean chipmakers have to change strategy amid U.S. trade ban

In Short: South Korean chipmakers and display manufacturers are set to lose a major client in China when trade sanctions are implemented on Sept. 15. Major Korean chipmakers like Samsung Electronics Co. and SK Hynix Inc., have registered for licensing to do business with companies that interact with Huawei’s supply chain per the new U.S. trade regulations, but as of Sept. 14, neither had received approval.

Read more at KoreanInvestors.

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